Saturday, March 5, 2011

Diablo III (Gameplay Trailer)


Here are the gameplay trailers for Diablo III Parts 1 & 2. I cannot wait for this game! I'm still playing Diablo II all the freakin' time! Excited?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Battle of the Immortals (Screenshots)

Character Creation (Berzerker)
Dungeons (Group Combat)
Character & Inventory Screens
 Here are a few still screens from MMO Hut.

Battle of the Immortals

Battle of the Immortals is supposed to be an action-RPG in the style of Diablo II, I've spent a few hours with it and the controls seem clunky and there's a ton of automation to the quests. Controls are less like Diablo II and more like a hybrid World of Warcraft. When you're doing quests all you have to do is click on the objective and you auto-run there. Graphics look nice on excellent though, and gameplay is decent. Check out this review.